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. the winds are now up to 100. excuse me. that is danielle. danielle is leaving us. we'll switch it over to earl because earl is what we're concerned w winds 125 miles an hour, a category 3 hurricane. it intensifies to a category 4 hurricane before making that curve back over the atlantic. you notice that cone. it does border on maryland and the beaches here. there's a very close call is, something we'll be tracking. there are a few factors going into the exa nation for this and why it's going the way this does. there's a high pressure system just offshore and one that's on top of us dominating our weather. the combination of the two will steer this. eventually a front coming our way later in the week will turn this back out to the east. it's the timing of these three facttors that will determine exactly where earl goes. we'll have the details coming up. >>> it was hurricane danielle that brought strong rip currents crews have called off the search for 20-year-old melkes delgado. he is believed to have drowned in ocean city saturday night. the remnants of hurricane danielle are triggerin
's a concern in your own home with your kids. >> danielle has a change of heart and moves east. now we're watching earl swirl out there in the atlantic. >>> good morning, back to school day, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. hoping it will be a great day back-to-school. so hard to believe. >> summer gone. >> you dropped your daughter off at college. >> my goodness. parents, for those of you in first grade with the cameras, don't miss it. and roll it. make sure it goes slowly because the rest of the years go - >> can you believe it? >> i can't. here's meteorologist justin berk. you're almost there my friend. >> almost there. there's kleenex there in case you need i had. >> thank you. >>> headlines for today. as you maybe wiping some tears you'll also be wiping sweat. we're now over 50 days with 90-degree temperatures or hotter in baltimore. so it feels like mid-summer although we're starting the autumn at, at least season with the kids back in school. it will be hot, tough for some kids in the classroom today. we'll talk about the entire weekend may be tough because of the heat
for this opportunity, mr. newsom and latoya cantrell to congratulate daniel homsey of the neighborhood services for leading today's great event and for launching of the neighborhood empowerment net work website empower sf. org. the best of luck, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. [applause]. >> just amazing that young lady started as an intern in our office 3 years ago and came in and said, i want to make a difference. we should applaud her success it's just amazing. [applause] i would like to introduce your mayor gavin c. newsom. >> thank you very much for coming out. big round of applause for daniel homsey and his hard work bringing this together getting all the staff and volunteers the mayor's office of neighborhood services and other departmenting that are here we are very thankful. daniel has been talking about this for what seems a millennium. you imagine being the mayor's office of neighborhood services how demanding that job is. the calls you get for service. we got the liaisons to the districts and how overwhelmed some of them are. we added budget cuts. the office had 2 or 3 people
with a life-threatening injuries daniel villareal >> new details on the wildfires in southern california. crews are finally beginning to get the biggest scandal with the key vicki liviakis who started this, and when crews can have this fully contained. >> the rush of oil fires that flared up in southern california they appear to be under control. the largest, the crown fire near palm dale and the high desert scorched 14,000 a. and burned nine houses. at one point, 2000 were forced to leave their homes. mechanics working on a car are being explained. investigators say there are cutting a pipe when sparks flew and brush was set on fire. at the peak, nearly 1000 firefighters were fighting flames at the ground and up in the air. with helicopters, planes, dumping fire retardant. all within the region, everything is up and running in the evacuation are closed. crews are clamping down the remaining hot spots. >> this looks like it is 10 a. and growing. ke >> the west. rcounty with four structures, in kern county, 22 square miles of been charged in southern california. a perfect fire fighting w
and 73 at dulles. >>> and going to the tropics. we have hurricane danielle and now it's weakened. it's a category 2 hurricane at this point and that is expected to take a turn more to the northeast and into the next 24 our 48 hours or so and move east of bermuda and we have tropical storm earl here to the south of danielle and earl is expected to intensify and could be a hurricane and is moving its way approaching towards the leeward islands and we do have another bright area of low pressure system that is associated with the trey here to the south of earl and this is expected to gape a little bit of strength between tonight and tomorrow and could be a tropical depression. danielle is expected to move to the northeast and maximum sustained winds now, 110 miles an hour and that is going to create a lot of pretty strong riptides along the coastal area for the atlantic, mid-atlantic and be careful to the beaches and as far as earl is concerned, have to watch it. we're not sure what it's going to do and that is going to be ecopinioned to intensify. a ridge of high pressure in control and
, hurricane danielle, since we spoke yesterday, danielle went from a cat 2 to a cat 4 overnight. now, do understand the track hasn't changed. danielle is squarely going to the middle of the atlantic, unlike yesterday, we do have to flow a flag out because of ocean swells effecting every beach resort from the carolinas into new england. it's like throwing a brick in a pond and watching the ripple move shore. this is going to be a factor into the weekend and next week. we'll have a lot of traffic on the shores with the great weather. now, we go south east of danielle. that's tropical storm earl. earl is in deed going to strengthen. by the time of earl's you know, potential last stop on this one graphic, we'll put it out to wednesday. earl could be a darn well powerful hurricane. it could cause problems up to new england. the story hasn't been set on earl. now, add to that another deep area of low pressure. the sat heights are showing -- the satellites are showing this off of the desert in west africa. the tropics are active. we know the track of one, the track of two, and three are unseen.
, amazing pictures of the titanic wreckage, plus the latest on hurricanes danielle and earl and how they are impacting the east coast. crews working around the clock to protect new orleans from devastating storm damage. plus, a look back at hurricane katrina. can the ravens stay >> many along the gulf coast of this weekend to remember the devastation of hurricane katrina and honor the victims. work continues to ensure that the city never suffers a tragedy like the 15 years ago. >> this is what they call the search and rescue mission. pumping stations in the canal system overrun. levees to weak to hold back the surge. five years ago, chris weaver watched it all unfold from his home in the ninth ward. >> you could see the wind pushing the water over the levee. next thing you know, about half a block of the levee just fell. when i saw the water coming, i said oh lord, help me. >> a massive, 2 mile barrier wall that extends the first line of storm defense, 8 miles from where it was before in the lower ninth wall, 12 miles from the superdome downtown. >> this city is in much better shape
. hurricane danielle is being blamed. thanks for joining us. we're going to go to ocean city. but first we have this story. not over until it's over. those words from mayor -- they responded today to a washington post show that shows gray leading by 13 points among registered democrats. gray's lead climbs to 17 points likely to vote in the primary in just over two weeks. >> we know going into 16 days we have got a challenge ahead of us. that just like change in dc, change all over the country. it's an uphill battle and we know we have got some work to do. >> i think you can -- people trust me. somebody that will have the interest of everybody in this setting. we've seen polls and the one poll that really matters is when they count the votes. >> reporter: mayor says he'll be reaching out to voters, especially african americans. the post points out that just 17% of african americans expressed dissatisfaction. the number has now climbed to 56%. >>> part of attribute to the local firefighters, armando. >> the firefighters behind me were the first to respond on another day of american history t
travelled there with the team before they had to retreat to escape hurricane danielle. >> reporter: an extraordinary day of discovery in the north atlantic. two miles down, look at these pictures. these are the first ever 3-d hd pictures. never before of the titanic have we seen it quite like this. now the researchers are trying to discover not just beautiful images to bring back of this horrible tragedy from 1912, but also with 3-d get measurements and leadership points that they have never been able to understand, including the open area here, and that latter that you can see sort of in the back there, that is the mail room, and now it's on the bough section that struck the ocean floor so it exploded open, but the first time they have been able to see it up close and it suggested to them people may have been trying to scramble on the ladder to get out, but above it appeared to be closed so they were trapped inside. mother nature delayed the effort here. the rov has been pulled back out of the water, and it's a remotely operated vehicle that has cameras on the front, and we are no
danielle, but earl behind that and several other waves off of africa. so if we look at satellite, this is daniel oi danielle. here's earl. danielle is the strongest. it's category 4, maximum h winds at 135 miles per hour. well defined system off to the southeast of bermuda. and far off to the south and east, tropical storm earl winds at 45 miles per hour. not as impressive, but quite a bit of potential to strengthen. so let's look at the forecast for both daniel o danielle and . danielle will be turning to the right we're pretty confident and will be taking a little bit of a right turn east of bermuda and then going off to the northeast. and here's the forecast for danielle going off to the northeast. and turning to the right. and then beyond that behind it is tropical storm earl. even though danielle is going to be out of the picture, earl is coming into the picture over the next several days. now it's only a tropical storm, but it will probably be a hurricane. could be very near the lee ward islands over the weekend and into monday. beyond that, potential threat to the u.s. and
danielle. and here in new jersey the storm has forced warnings. vacationers are allowed to swim but the water is very rough. let's check in with gwen in the weather center. will danielle or hurricane earl hit us any time soon or at all? >> as far as the storms are concerned, they're at two different stages right now. let's show you our maps. danielle is weakening, moving off to the north, northeast at 29 miles per hour and it's expected to slow down and it's anticipated it will lose it's tropical characteristics. hurricane earl is moving west northwest at 14 miles per hour. so it is going to get pretty close to the u.s. coastal area along the mid-atlantic, so it does bear watching but we'll see how it fairs out and we have an area of low pressure that could develop into a tropical depression over the next little while. so a lot is happening in the tropics. here at home, things are getting warmer. 92 degrees at national, 91 at baltimore. a warm night. clear skies ahead. by 11:00 we'll still be around 82 degrees. unbelievable. i'll have your full forecast and a look at the anticip
for dangerous rip currents as hurricane danielle kins moving across the atlantic ocean. right now, lifeguards in ocean city are on high alert as the rip currents killed -- rip currents kill more than 100 people annually so it's nothing to take lightly. bernadette? >> reporter: the latest on danielle is it's losing strength and starting to turn away from the united states. both good pieces of news here. here's danielle, still a strong storm. category two hurricane with the winds of 104 miles per hour. notice the movement. to the north-northeast now at 13 miles per hour it is going to pick up speed as it makes its way away from the united states. still, it came close enough even if it's so far away that it is feeling its effects all along the east coast here. we're seeing that rip current threat very high. another thing to look at, too, as soon as we get rid of danielle, earl looked like it would gain strength still a tropical storm moving off to the west at 23. take a look at that cone. it takes it towards the united states the middle part of next week, something that's still a while up and we
. hurricane danielle is up to a category four storm of winds of 135 miles per hour. more on danielle and earl, which could be a bigger problem for us coming up. yesterday's high temperature 85 here in baltimore. a pleasant 82 in easton. this morning, they're down to 61 and we have slipped to 59 on this side of the day at left at bwi marshal hanging in the low 60s downtown. we're going to aim for our temperatures in the upper 70s by lunchtime with sunshine aiming for our two degree guaranteed high of 82 this afternoon. we'll get back to the 90s by the end of the weekend and early next week. >>> let's get on the roads with kim brown. >> a head's up for drivers traveling the harrisburg expressway. the exit ramp coming off of 83 southbound getting onto charles street will be closed through 5:00 a.m. monday morning. so keep that in mind, especially if you plan on going to the maryland state fair. as we take a peek at our cameras, traffic for the most part will be all right to begin our friday morning ride. no problems up and down the 95 corridor. here at 195, traffic is flowing freely. 695 is che
administration announced $1.8 billion in funding to help rebuild new orleans area school. >> a hurricane danielle the not make landfall, but her facts are being felt on the eastern shore. hundreds of swimmers and had to be rescued this weekend. we have more on those dangerous riptides. >> and has been an almost purchased -- perfect beach weekend. one thing you do not see a first site is what is going on out in the water. hurricane danielle is hundreds of miles away right now. it has sent a swell of waves toward the beaches with dangerous rip currents. there were 30 beach rescues here and three were transported with a dislocated shoulders because they were slammed down by the waves. the beach patrol had their third busiest day this summer with 250 rescues. tragedy last night, four in the water around sundown. only three made it out. two went to the hospital. one down in florida where they said it was the worst they have seen in rip currents that have seen in several years. they will back off tomorrow, but then all eyes will turn to earl that should be your labor day weekend. we did not think it wi
. this is what we have going on now. danielle is a category four hurricane. remember, it goes on a scale from one to five. this is way up there. here's the latest on danielle. the next advisory is in an hour. but as of 11:00, it was moving to the northwest and it's really expecting to make a strong turn to the right because of the front that moved through the area. that's going to keep it from the east coast of the united states, even though the storm will fail away, we'll feel effects down at the beaches and the late summer weekends, people are heading down there. rip currents are possible as well. we also have the latest on tropical storm earl and what could become theona. >>> and oil could flow into the gulf of mexico again. they'll recap the well next week. they have to remove the well to braise the preventer. the removal will cause the oil to leak and the incident commander is warning bp to be ready in case. >>> police are releasing information about the man struck and killed on i-95. the accident tied up hours for hours yesterday. denise? >> well, the police identified the victim as a 36-ye
is in control through the beginning of the week. let's talk about the tropics -- very active right now. daniel, a monitor storm, category 4 hurricane, currently, with sustain winds of 109 miles per hour. that is down from 110 from 11:00 last night. it is moving up and over towards the north atlantic where it should then weaken in the cooler waters. becomes eventually a category 1 hurricane. we'll keep you posted on that. for us, rip currents up-and- down the eastern sea boards. with a lot of the folks heading down to ocean city and the degree beaches. the rip currents and the ocean swells could be a factor. you want to take he'd if you will be out and around near the oceans and the beaches this weekend and until danium gets out of here. it does not make a direct impact, but we need to keep an eye on it. as far as daniel moving out of here, earl is the next storm. a tropical storm. with sustained winds at 52 miles per hour suspected to be a hurricane. we don't know where this is going to go yet. a week out from earl taking a turn that we can identify, but the projected path is close to daniel.
information on hurricane danielle and tropical storm earl. >>> still ahead tonight, a family talks for the first time after this high speed crash owe little bit rates a car at more than 100 miles per hour. >>> plus, a confession. the british lady who tossed the cat in the trash dumpster now explains why. >>> also, a teenager rescues a man from a burning car just before it explodes. that's coming up. kç1 gla. a toasted marshmallow is what a boy wanted but unfortunately, the whole house wen on fire. the boy's grandma tried to put out the flames with an extinguisher but it just didn't work. everyone got out safely. by the time fire crews got there, the house was a loss i feel like crying. it's heartbreaking to see it, you know, go like this. >> neighbors have offered to take the family in, given them a place so stay while they get things in order >>> prince william county police say it's one of the most heroic act of bravery they have ever seen. a teenager pulls a man out of a burning car just minutes before a gas tank explodes. >> he says he was just the guy in the right place at th
in the atlantic ocean, her name is danielle. but will she stay in the ocean or come on shore? >> reporter: not to make any impact on the u.s. mainland, take a look at danielle as it sits now. doppler radar shows what we have going on locally here. we have light showers, some of us seeing light drizzle and sprinkles. temperatures stay right around 70 degrees. as for danielle, the sustained winds of 86 miles per hour, this storm is moving to the west northwest at 20 miles per hour. and it is expected to strengthen to a category three. which makes it a major hurricane and then eventually start to move up toward the north making a turn again from the mainland. we'll continue to keep you posted on danielle's progress. >>> as the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina, many of the stories will be revived. many of them right here in maryland. >> right out of central maryland, 600 workers. that was the highest number of volunteers deployed from any single chapter in the whole united states. >> reporter: those who made that trip to the coast had no illusions of what would be waiting. >> we're goin
named danielle and this one could very well become a very strong hurricane this week. we'll be tracking that for you in just a bit. we start off in anne arundel county, some of the schools heading into session. light wind out of the northeast, sign of cool, damp air spilling back into the area. while we do appear to have clouds across the baltimore beltway, stretching up 95 through harford and cecil county, clearing to our north, we could mix in the sun this morning. hour by hour forecast has clouds come back in. spotty showers so keep that umbrella handy. nothing heavy expected. could be a few drops here and there. two-degree guaranteed high of 81 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads and say good morning to kim brown. >> a couple earlier road hazard incidents have been cleared away. not going to see police on the intersection of liberty road and rolling road. route 24 reopened in jarrettsville. white marsh, still going to see several traffic lights out. a power failure in the area. police on the scene directing traffic there. rising sun, route 274, remains closed in both di
over the next couple of days. and compared to danielle, rob and mike, earl could approach the outer banks of north carolina as early as thursday night. so back to you guys. >> all right, jeanette, thank you. >>> now the rest of the monday forecast. large hail, 80-mile-an-hour winds and isolated tornados in the dakotas, minnesota, and nebraska. heavy rain along the gulf coast. showers from little rock to st. louis and memphis. thunderstorms in the southwest. >> cooling down out west. just 66 in seattle. 68 in boise. and 72 in salt lake city. much of the midwest hovering around the 90 degree mark. getting up to the mid-90s in the northeast. >>> and here in new york, a subway driver is a hero after bringing his train to a sudden stop. his quick thinking managed to save the life of a woman who'd fallen on the tracks. wabc has the story. >> i actually watched her go off the platform. so that's -- you know, i didn't even need anybody to wave or, you know, get my attention. i knew -- i knew that i had to stop the train. i brought my train to a controlled stop. >> reporter: and that is how
seigenthaler. >>> new this morning on "msnbc saturday." weaker, but still dangerous, hurricane danielle loses steam in the atlantic, but still could cause problems along the east coast. we have live reports from the weather channel. >>> under arrest, paris hilton busted on a drug charge in las vegas. >>> fiery tornado, crews capture picture of a tornado inside a big brush fire. >>> plus a day of rallies as america marks the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. >>> good morning, i'm alex whit, welcome to "msnbc saturday." we have a triple threat from the tropics. three storm systems churning in the atlantic. hurricane danielle now weakened to a category two strength storm early this morning. it is expected, though, to deliver powerful surf and rip currents all along the eastern sea board. behind it, tropical storm earl and a developing storm that could soon become fionna, that's gaining strength. for more on all of this, let's go to bill karins. >> well, good morning to you, alex. we're headed for the peak of the season. we have two storms and one behind it that cou
if and when the judge lifts the ban. in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> well, jack daniels gets another shot. how the bay area's kidnapped kitty was tracked down all the way to new york city. >> he swore at a passenger. >> some call him a hero. a flight attendant flips out on the plane's p.a. system, too, and you won't believe what happened next. >>> how about mcrage? what caused one woman to lose her cool at a mcdonald's drive through. ,,,, [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. na somhin[ be din ]an for jobs. crowe pia! aul! buzz] [ ow aounc ] nothers rebaropizzby t sli. unlievly gd pia fr theicrove. d ban. brinhomehat zzer tas. stolen a year ago in the bay area is
. the answer in your complete forecast. plus, danielle is causing dangerous rip currents on the east >>> hurricane danielle brought storm surges and rip tides along much of the eastern seaboard today, and hurricane earl could become a major hurricane by tuesday. we have the latest. >> a familiar sound along the eastern seaboard this weekend, lifeguards alerting holiday swimmers to dangerous riptides. >> if you are not an above- average swimmer, we are not recommending you go out. >> to the middle of the next beach over. >> they pulled dozens of swimmers out of the water this weekend. >> it is so rough that you really cannot enjoy it. >> a coast guard rescued some from a capsized boat. they also found one surfer unconscious on his board, who later died. >> danielle is more of a brick current threat as it moves away from the coastline. -- more of a recurrent -- rip current threat. >> it may be a nice day on the beach but rough in the water for the last few days of summer. abc news. >>> people in our area could feel this. >> yes, let's take a look at our storm scan. at the bottom of you
>>> new this morning on "msnbc saturday," weaker but still dangerous. hurricane danielle loses steam in the atlantic, but still could cause dangerous conditions off the east coast. we have live reports from the weather channel. >>> a day of rallies in d.c. as america marks the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. >>> digital overload, why some experts say constant use of electronic devices is actually draining your brain. >>> plus, under arrest, paris hilton busted on a drug charge in las vegas. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm alex whit. welcome to "msnbc saturday" where it's 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. out west. >>> developing right now, hurricane season's in high gear. hurricane danielle is now a category two storm, it is down from a cat four last night. but right behind it, tropical storm earl is gaining strength. and a possible third storm is in the process of forming. so for more, let's go to nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you, alex. the tropics are getting all the attention. heading towards the
danielle. the storm is so big that you can see it from space. nasa released these images. rebecca cooper has more. >> the storms are back to back. forecasters say daniel will stay off shore, but earl could hit land. >> it looks like it could be large ocean should wells, may be rough for waves, and gusty breeze. >> this man is hoping that they will have good surfing, but there are mistakes made by beachgoers not familiar with hurricanes. >> other than clogging up the roads and not getting out when they should, getting in the water for the not experienced swimmer -- you have to know what you are doing. the current his bat around cape hatteras, so for the inexperienced swimmer, it is bad. >> what if earl continues up the east coast? they are prepared. they have boarded up windows and put sandbags in front of the doors. >> that could be the worst thing, not a we have enough ice to last a couple of days. >> for now, forecasters caution is too soon to know which way the wind will blow. >> especially on the outer banks, you have to keep in touch with the local forecast closely. >> rebecca coope
-mile-per-hour sustained winds of hurricane danielle, and hurricane earl. i would say tropical storm earl, because it will not intensify into a market until later on hurricane danielle is approaching bermuda as a category two storm right now. this is expected to intensify as well. tropical storm earl and hurricane danielle are in the tropical scenario. beautiful sunshine, low 80s tomorrow, upper 80s saturday, and 90s on sunday. >> dr. kim hammond from falls road animal here with a nice -- stewie is nothing bad, but gazing lovingly at his father there. "come and get me!" >> i will sit here with my feet off the ground. "get me out of here!" >> here is the first one. >> the answer is yes. if it is it chronic ear infection, you have been to your veterinarian and you don't have any key or to it -- any cure to it, a dermatologist in catonsville is someone you can see to get a second opinion. what you want to do is find the agent that causes the infection. culture the ear, or if you have a dog that swims all the time, clear up the infection and it will get another infection. you have to sit
. and will discuss the latest on hurricane danielle. for now, back to the news desk. >> new research suggests migraine sufferers have a higher risk from dying from a stroke. 18,000 men and women were followed and found those who let migraines with vision problems were at increased risk of dying from all causes as well as stroke. researchers stress migraine sufferers are still at a low risk for heart receives-related deaths. >> flu vaccine production is in full swing. many are used to make vaccines. it has not affected the production of this year's flu shots. many drug stores are already offering the shots. anyone over six months should get the flu vaccine this year. >> 66 degrees on tv hill. keith mills will join this letter with the latest on the sports world. >> i am live at the national aquarium this morning in their 4-d the year. there is many special effects. one of the special effects are bubbles that encompassed the pier. we'll show you that coll >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning once again. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. there a
currents from a hurricane danielle are being blamed for the death of a washington d.c. man. he is believed dead after rescuers were unable to recover his body over the weekend. ocean city lifeguards say the eight performed to wonder 50 rescues over the weekend due to strong currents. you can keep an eye out hurricane earl on the arts in tracker. for live updates, visit the home page retired coast guard admiral that alan said it worked -- thad allen said work can resume today. the goal is to drill the final 50 feet of the relief well on september 7. now to washington where president obama, just back from vacation in martha's vineyard and a trip to new orleans to commemorate the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina has a busy week ahead. >> good afternoon, sarah. this week, the president will focus on foreign policy, the economy and saluting our troops for their service. president obama back in washington with a busy week at, cackling war and peace. on the day -- tackling war and peace. on the data at -- on the day that combat operations in iraq officially ended, he makes an an
will be an outdoor recess kind of dead. no heat wave -- outdoor recess kind of day. could we have danielle and earl together in the tropics? i will tell you about that later. >>> the marine from northern virginia has been killed in afghanistan. the 26-year-old, ronald rodriguez died yesterday while supporting combat operations. >>> a 17-year-old is dead after being electrocuted. a teenager was hired by a homeowner to trim a branch and he was shocked. fire officials say it does not appear he was a licensed contractor. the fire marshal is investigating. >>> montgomery county police released this composite of a man suspected of raping two elderly women. he is 5 foot 8 inches and the most recent assault occurred on father hurley boulevard. the earlier incident happened right across the street in japan. >>> an incorrect address created a messy situation for one alexandria resident. a contractor showed up at the wrong address and began pumping heating oil into the home, but the oil pipe had been disconnected, so 300 gallons of oil ended up in this home. the cleanup crew took care of the rest. >> coming
than originally estimated. and we will have a daniel daniel villareal is there, and have the officials determine how much is larger than it really is? >> you know, that number listed the new estimate, it was our response at 5,000 gal. but they're expecting a much larger number. and you can see where they have done the work, and working crews have been replacing landscaping because they had to tear that of to get to the pipe and behind this, is the sewage pumped. you can imagine that a lot the coast through that is why so much has spilled into this near by redwood shores lagoon. spehler also was stacked with treating the water, the long boom, the clean-up? >> what is next? >> and it is going to see the sunlight will naturally dilute. it is a more environmentally friendly of dealing with something like that. for now, there are scientists thus they do not go into the water. >> what about the a real homes that were affected? garage? irreal homes. a noxious >> a real homes. >> and at least started inland contra this is where the garage is. you can see how close it was a and a daniel villare
of threat do they pose to us? >> reporter: craig, all from hurricane danielle. she may be 355 miles east of bermuda right now but the swell she's generating, that's responsible tore the rip currents. we'll zoom in here. the good news with danielle, she'll be blasting past bermuda tonight. she's accelerating. she picked up a lot of speed since i last saw you at 6 clock. but we were talking. the next player is going to be tropical storm earl. that is the one that will be eyeing the east coast later into this upcoming work week. i'll have the stats on that and the hot 90s coming our way. >> we'll talvp÷vbóou a few moments. tonight rescue crews are trying to install phone lines. so 33 trapped miners in chile can talk to their families. they're doing all they can to keep morale high there. those workers have been stuck 2300 feet below the surface. authorities released this video last week of the miners. officials say some of the men are suffering from pretty bad skin problems. they're not eating well. some of the miners are severely depressed at this point. officials say it could be christm
of how tremendous that season was. there was a storm and today, we're watching hurricane danielle. >> uh-huh. >> and that getting ready to pass by this weekend. >> yeah. >> and -- >> and this is danielle. >> okay. >> and going to miss bermuda and lots to talk about in the tropics. we'll focus locally first. this is a fantastic friday. >> i love it. >> was that chill when he you got up? temperatures dropping in the 50s and going to be a wonderful friday evening and check out the high temperatures, up to 83 degrees and dulles and bwi, 82 and a few clouds out there. i wish i should tell you we turned the corner and are not going to have big heat again. i can't. tomorrow, 86 degrees and sunday, though, we start another warming trend and i can't bear to call it a heat wave. that is going to be hard to take and get ready for it and that does not look like it's going to be lasting a long stretch and there is going to be warm days coming up and as a lot of kids are back in school, too. the high pressure is going to rule the next few days and that is going to be slow to bum. around it, it's hard
beacon drive, daniel french drive, and 23rd street. metro is planning to detour some bus. just click on extras. >>> that is just one of the commuter alerts you ought to be aware of. sunday new york city is presenting a section of steel of the world trade center it to the arlington county fire department, station number 5. that means south hayes street between 15th and south. park willing be restricted on south hayes between 15th and 18th during that ceremony. >>> don't forget about the work along i-66 between nuttily street and the beltway. just five minutes ago crews started working to block off two of the three eastbound lanes, and they will be work all weekend long, shifting traffic to new bridges over the beltway. that work expected to be done by monday morning, 5:00 a.m. we're more concerned about the traffic now so let's get to the 9 news now traffic center. >> reporter: talking about i- 66, no major problems coming into town so no problem, but definitely factor in extra time. 495 at route 50 towards anne arundel county, starting at 9:00 tonight they will be doing a lot of repa
tim pawlenty. i would put indiana governor, mitch daniels in that category and put hailey barber frommy. i think those are three people with experience. >> and contacts. >> yeah. >> they know the scene. >> they lack national -- >> charisma. >> which one? you think barbra is ahead of all the others? >> i would say if i were to buy a penny stock, it would be tim pawlenty or mitch daniels. >> pawlenty doesn't think very highly. >> and people don't figure who he was. > i think these guys can start from scratch. obama started from scratch. >> if pawlenty stepped into iowa and won it somehow, came from behind and won that thing, he would suddenly clip romney. >> why are mike and john on this list? >> on the list because he is a u.s. senator. he's an attractive guy. a congressman and i don't know when the last time a congressman ran for president and got the nomination. >> mitch daniels has a lot of good ideas for government. >> who is he? >> he's the governor of indiana. >> what position did he hold? >> working in the white house. >> what position in the white house?
danielle swirling in the atlantic bringing some dangerous rip currents to maryland beaches. lifeguards in ocean city are on high alert this weekend as the storm creates rough waters. rip currents killed more than 100 people every year across the country. let's go to bernadette woods tracking that storm and a couple of others right now in the first warning weather center. >> the tropics are very active right now. here's the latest update at 11:00 hanging on to the category 2 hurricane. the good news with this one is that it is starting to really pick up forward speed moving off to the north-northeast away from the united states at 20 miles per hour. however work passing by and with the effects of it leaving, the rip current threat is very high still along the entire east coast. even when danielle gets out of here, this is the next one that will follow and keep the rip current threat very high. earl is still a tropical storm but it is strengthening and expected to become a hurricane. you can see it making its way off to the west and that other area of thunderstorms you see east of the ce
, what did you say to me? >> no. that is in virginia. and what about here? >> all right, we have danielle. we have earl, and now beyond her it will be fiona. talking about how it is a slow start. the tropics are really cooking. we'll be cooking by sunday. but tomorrow is great. upper 80s on saturday. the low humidity. and even sunday, yes, it will be a 92. but it will not be humid and it will still be very comfortable on sunday night. and a spectacular weekend. all right, we'll break it down for you tomorrow. cool to start. temperatures in the upper 60s by 7:00. upper 70s by noon. even by evening, temperatures are only topping out in the low 80s with full sun across the board. and that locates the sunglasses and keeps them real handy the next few days. 83 right now at nationals. 79 gaithersburg. 83 down in fredericksburg. temperatures generally in the low 80s and upper 70s. a spectacular evening. through tonight, clear skies and cooler. low temperatures, 68 to 58. and winds are out of the north at ten. in fact, we're looking at 59 in gaithersburg. and we're also looking at 59 in sterling.
for driving under the influence. hilton was booked into jail and released a short time later. >>> danielle the first major hurricane of the season has lost strength and been downgraded to a category 2 storm. it was a cat 4 storm yesterday. danielle not expected to hit land but causing dangerous rip currents along the eastern coast but a bigger threat to us could be tropical storm earl. he is gaining strength as he moves towards the east coast. what might earl mean to us? >> you know, we never trust the models completely but they are all tending to converge on some threat for the east coast by the end of this coming work week. so, of course, we're included in that. i got the scoop all ready to go. the three players troings, danielle, you heard about her. you can see her there. earl further to the south. that batch of clouds west of africa that could be the next player and if she gets a name because remember they alternate male and female names that would be fiona. here's a check. let's see the latest. we'll start with danielle because she's the biggest one. not worried about her. right now
. >>> as the gulf coast remembers katrina we are tracking topical weather affecting maryland. danielle triggered rip currents in ocean city. the search continues for a missing swimmer he disappeared around 8:00 last night, rescuers pulled three friends to safety. the search comes after the patrol rescued 250 people on saturday alone. lifeguards pulled the swimmers out around 5:00 last night. danielle brings dangerous rip tidess to the beaches today. all eyes are focusing on earl a new hurricane strengthened and could be heading up the atlantic coast. let's go to wjz live first warning weather with bernadette woods, she is tracking the tropics. earl is maybe headed our way. >> reporter: we may have fiona in a couple of days. the latest on danielle, it's affected us over the weekend but down to a 1 hurricane. moving away from land to the north, northeast at 20 miles per hour. now we are going to focus in on earl. this is the bigger story. notice when i start this in motion, category one hurricane. winds are 86 miles per hour. take a look at the moves to northwest, this really starts to strengthen, it
. this, as the east coast is still feeling the effects of hurricane danielle. over the weekend, at least two people died as a result of powerful rip tides caused in the wake of danielle. >> i wouldn't even go out there. too rough today. very, very rough. >> reporter: under careful supervision, i tested the waters and got a taste for what it's like to be caught in a rip tide. even though i was swimming right to the beach, i was pulled out hundreds of feet from the shore. in less than five minutes. east coast lifeguards, including those in new jersey, were on high alert after more than 100 people were rescued from rough surf over the weekend. >> hurricane danielle was coming up the east coast. as it headed towards us, it pushed a lot of large waves. saturday, the waves were substantial. we had at least 40 -- we think -- a sifts or rescues on saturday and maybe as many as 70 yesterday. >> reporter: tonight, hurricane danielle is far off shore. but still close enough to stir up these waters. >> when we get storm surge, storm waves, like we had, then we can be very busy and it's all-consuming
constitution and independence avenue, westbound independence avenue between 17th and 23rd streets, daniel french drive southwest, 23rd street southwest, and the main avenue of westbound independence avenue. through the day, there will be rolling closures for marches and rolling metrobus de tors. -- detrours. >>> pitching phenom stephen strasburg is leaving the mound to a half months after his triumphant debut. john gonzalez has with the fans are saying about his season- ending surgery. john? >> the impact will be tremendous all round. the player dubbed the most marketable under the age of 25 will not be playing on that mound for at least 12 to 18 months. fans are stunned. from ticket sales to merchandise, the loss of stephen strasburg will have a massive negative impact in d.c. >> he is pretty much the start of the team. it >> he was looking forward to seeing him pitch. >> he has helped his attendance and he is done for at least up to a year. this d.c. resident vividly remembers the electric night when number 37 debuted at just over two months ago. am i have never seen anybody throw one h
will be averaging 10 degrees below normal. and then we take you out toward the atlantic where hurricane danielle now up to category 2 status. we'll show you the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. right now we are looking at statewide view with satellite. the rain pushed to our west. just a little spotty drizzle around town and temperatures 67 here in baltimore to 67 out towards easten and if you are heading in through northern virginia, it's upper 60s to near 70. for us, though, again just some sprinkles this morning, but a cool breeze. the hour by hour forecast takes us to 72 by lunchtime. comes at a better chance of rain. so 4 through this evening, a better chance of showers through the region. let's see what is happening on the roads right now. >> thanks, justin. the earlier accident activity on the bw parkway southbound at route 75 has been completely cleared away. so traffic is moving really nicely. we are working a new accident in towson. reported to be southbound on delaney valley road in proximity to the mall. keep your eyes open for that. as we look around our cameras, traffic is m
of weather and have lots to talk b danielle with an eye and hinds -- winds of 110 miles an hour and earl, something behind earl now, too. in d.c., we have blue skies and that is going to be easy the next few days and talk about high temperatures, the warm one and that is pushing the warmer air in our direction and has gone to the east. temperatures in the mid-80s for high temperatures at dulles and bwi and dropping off through the night and dills, 85 as is the district and cooler air filtering in and check this out, i hope you have shut off the air conditioning. d.c., 64 and 60, annapolis. the forecast in town, fair skies and again, the 50s in the suburbs and the buzz, 64 for city centers and tomorrow, a nice day and comfortable. 66 degrees at 8 in the morning and 78 at noon and by 5:00, 50, 81 degrees and we'll talk about the temperature trend. we're starting to see a nice one and how about 83 for tomorrow and that is looking good. the brilliant blue sky and sunday 91 and the high pressure is would going -- building in and as it does, it will continue to push the warmer air in our direc
, not only do we have danielle out there and that is the hurricane you see, earl formed and you can see it into the picture here. and danielle coming close to bermuda on sunday and going to the beach this weekend, danielle will be kicking up the surf and to cape hatteras, waves could be eight to 10 feet and you can see danielle moving out to sea and earl is going move to the west. both important storms, for sure and around here, brian, the weekend is important. check it out. wall-to-wall sunshine and i'll give you $5 to do mine, too. >> thank you, sue. >>> taking to you to breaking news. sky fox over the scene in montgomery county at the old georgetown club and around 5:15, firefighters got a call about a 96-year-old man found unresponsive in that pool. it was a report of a near drowning. he had a prior medical and found unresponsive in that pool&at old georgetown club in montgomery county and he was transported in very critical condition and you can see there are people milling around about the scene and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and more details as soon as we
mil milllones de dolares------daniel rodriguez tiene los detalles--- joe arellano, vocero de bay area council---los estados si no tienen dinero van aumentar los impuestos y si no tenemos ese dinero tambien van aumentar las cosas del estado, todo se va hacer mas caro y es importante que las personas sepan eso------sin embargo el gobernador del estado, arnold schwarzenegger reunido en san jose con empresarios del sur de la bahia, dijo estar optimista en que pronto los legisladores podran llegar a un acuerdo para aprobar el presupuesto------arnold schwarzenegger, gobernador del estado------it is no sound razon to punish the private sector, punish bisiness and people for short comings of scaramento------el gobernador dijo que no es razonble castigar al sector privado, los negocios o a la gente por los problemas que son generados en sacramento--- ---joe arellano, vocero de bay area council------cada dia que faltamos un presupuesto por el ano que viene de estado, cada dia nos cuesta 53 millones de dolares y es importante que las personas, democratas y republicanos esten trabajando juntos---
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